Establish appropriate position for your nameplate, mark the position of the drill holes on the wall.

Drill wall using drill bit

Insert wall plugs

Screw in nameplate DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN (avoid using power tools to tighten screws)


Many nameplates are built into stone or brick walls, in this case you must specify that you do not require your nameplate to be drilled!


Sticking or gluing a nameplate in place will avoid the necessity of drilling either the nameplate or the wall. In this case you must specify that you do not want your nameplate drilled!

The fixing process itself is very simple as long as you can keep the nameplate in place and level until the adhesive holds (check the instructions for curing times) Choose a good brand of adhesive and be sure that it is suitable for exterior use.
Clean the back of your nameplate and the wall to remove dust and allow it to dry before trying to fix it.